If anything good came out of the pandemic then it possibly might be the rise of online stores. There has never been a better time to consider opening your store to sell things you make or want to sell to other people. This is true for your family and your home-based business. There are multiple approaches and just as many systems set up to help you sell online. For our money, the most accessible and most flexible is on Shopify. We love it so much that we became a Shopify Partner, and we can and will help you set up your store and use some extra tools, in addition to specific installed store apps, to get your store noticed with our Shopify Works System.

By itself, Shopify is a store in a box (or a site) with everything you need to post items for sale, ensure that people who find your store can browse your inventory and purchase what they want. This is true for digital inventory as well such as e-Courses, eBooks, produced music and videos. However, you can also add a dizzying array of “apps” to increase Shopify’s functionality to near limitless potential. You can connect to many suppliers through apps, many of whom will drop-ship so you don’t have to carry inventory. You can also promote your store across many channels such as a website, Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, eBay and more. Apps help you ship better and cheaper, ensure your store is noticed, help you communicate with customers and help you find new ones. You can also customize the store to look how you want with included themes or by purchasing others.

We have put together a small group of apps which provide the most value for many stores. This includes the most effective channels to promote your store and a supplier or two. However, this is where our initial meeting makes sense so we can customize the store to your needs based on what you want to sell. We then add external services which focus on your reputation, getting customer referrals, and promoting your site store in ways that Shopify doesn’t have access to. If this sounds like something you might want to know more about then contact us and let’s