We are excited that an innocent-looking, yet very powerful, new feature is now available for those on our Profit Works System powered by The Works CRM. It’s called Social Planner and it’s at the hart of a service we already offer as an add-on called Social Media Works. This add-on service publishes from 1-4 social media and/or video posts for you each week on multiple social networks plus Google My Business. Some of these articles and video posts come from you as our client, but others come from around the web and match topics that are related to your business or are important to you.

We have used different software services over time to accomplish this weekly task. Now however, we are able to roll this inside of our Works CRM service that we use behind the scenes, and that you get access to with our Profit Works systems. We will be changing some of what we offer in our systems but we will always find ways to add a lot of value for our clients each month.

Why post on social media regularly? There are two reasons. First, it advertises what you offer plus any specials or promotions. Second, it helps build your brand or community presence by stressing aspects of your business, beliefs, community presence, and items that you feel are important in ways that speak for you anytime or when you’re not available if that’s not enough of a reason to implement social media marketing this way, keep in mind that more posts generate more traffic which then moves you up the ladder of notice with Google and other websites.

If you have any questions about the Social Planner or any of our services then set a time to talk with us or reply on social media. You reading these posts and others from us is proof that it works.