We didn’t notice this until someone called it out, but have you noticed the same ads on YouTube keep showing over and over again? Given the power that Google possesses, this is due to one of two reasons. First, they are just that targeted in the ads they show. Second, they actually don’t have enough people advertising on YouTube to generate video content. As YouTube is owned by the aforementioned Google, ads are not the problem as they have plenty. However, a produced video, or even a TikTok-style video, is harder to come by. It does make one wonder how big of a bargain compared to regular Google Ads a video ad on YouTube might be?

Now, there is a stipulation that YouTube will only charge if the video is watched longer than 25 seconds. However, it was pointed out in the same interview, that this is 24 seconds of free advertising of your brand for the most part. Just something to think about when spending your advertising dollars. It’s surprisingly easy to make a video now so don’t let that hold you back. If you need help with any of this then give us a shot and we’ll help you sort it out.