It is said that Facebook has more than 2,000 points of data on each one of us. It is also no secret that YouTube, and its parent company Google, have far more points of data on us. There is also a running joke based largely on the fact that for every problem there is probably a YouTube video showing how to solve it. For years before TikTok came and made videos social, and despite Instagram’s best efforts at the same, YouTube is the undisputed king of video on the internet. YouTube, for its part, plays this up whenever possible but lately, this upstart group of competitors has moved in trying to take over the neighborhood.

To compete in the easy-to-make social video space, YouTube came up with “shorts” which are not as highly produced as your average YouTube video, designed to be shot with your phone, and incorporated in several ways into one’s Google search experience. The “problem” for Google here is that the competition made it relatively easy to reformat TikTok or Instagram videos to repost on YouTube and the competition simply. SO videos created on whichever platform you wish could, with a little work, be translated into the different screen sizes and other means needed to post on other platforms.

But concerning your advertising money for your organization, Google has one more trick up its sleeve that few people have noticed. When you watch YouTube, do you notice how little variety of ads there are? If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you don’t notice at all since you don’t see ads, but for the rest of us, rest assured there is not as much variety as you might think. This means fewer businesses are creating video ads so to change this, YouTube is making advertising back into the bargain it used to be on YouTube. For proof of this, research yourself or get us to run a comparison of ad-spend on average between Google and YouTube (different ads we know but large audience) versus TikTok or Instagram. Plus, TikTok has lowered the bar on who can produce ads and their overall quality so video ads don’t have to be this high-cost Hollywood production to be on YouTube.

Right now in Fall 2022, YouTube ads might be the darling place to put your video ads in addition to TikTok to greatly increase your audience and how many people will see those ads. If you need help sorting through this we can do that for you.