Hi I’m John, and I want to be your trusted, transparent, and consistent, Business Optimization Partner for your success. With 20 years of small business management experience as a “Managing Partner”, a half-dozen small businesses started, successful company sales, and a few failures that didn’t go as planned, I realize that every situation is different. I know that simply copying someone’s success won’t work for most organizations, so I bring real business life changes that come from the profitability I can find for you now, and the customers we can work together to bring you later. This is not a perfect fit for every company out there, so we have a two-step process that we work through with you for your success.

Two business milestones have shaped my life in recent years. First, I discovered the power of marketing strategy in 2018 as well as when to use it to bring customers for my clients. Second, being introduced to our exclusive Profit Accelerator System has given me a 360-degree approach to my business and those of my clients.

If you have tried everything but the profits still don’t seem to be rolling in, or if you had early success but are starting to lose momentum, then you are where I have been. 

Let me spend at least 50 minutes creating a Process Blueprint with you to show you at least $50,000 in profit you didn’t know was there. Then, I’ll give you the roadmap to get it. Finally, we’ll work together to bring in even more profits, customers that you enjoy serving, and renewed reasons to take part in your business every day. That’s what real business life change is all about and I can’t wait to explore it with you.