When putting together your customer list from last time, one of the most important fields of course is the e-mail address. You will use e-mail for the overwhelming majority of communications we undertake, and customer relationship etiquette says it’s perfectly okay to do so. The oly challenge remaining now that one isn’t doing cold e-mails is to ensure they are delivered.

To ensure that your e-mails don’t end up in spam, we can do techniques such as “warming up” your domain by sending introductory e-mails through it to your lists. These will preview what’s to come and give ample opportunity to “opt-out” of future communications. If they opt-out then you should remove them from everything as this is an important issue right now.

However, no response does not mean “no”. In fact, no response is as good a yes as you can hope for as most people have too many e-mails to respond to so it’s generally accepted that unless they specifically unsubscribe then it’s a general yes to continue.

From there, try to positively stand out and grab attention with fun but relevant subjects and content. Let your company’s personality shine through but keep it positive. We help you through this every step of the way so don’t worry. We do try to develop a little bit of a personality to help your business stand out for the right reasons, but we ensure it’s in line with how you run things.

We mentioned cold e-mail above and this is a viable client-getting strategy but has a very different approach. If they are somewhere on your customer list than you have some room to send e-mails for communication and nurturing purposes. How many though depends on where they are in yoru sales process so don’t overstep. If you need help with e-mails in your customer list then let’s reactivate someof those customers for you. Get started with us today by e-mail if you wish at sales@blog.jklworks.com.