Is It Okay to E-mail You?

E-mail is a crucial part of good customer process communication so we outline when it’s acceptable and when it’s not.

Message Marketing

Today we discuss message marketing and how it can be used to communicate with clients and prospects alike for your success

Write Your Story and Be The News

Write Your Story and Be The News I was in a conversation with a potential prospect today who asked me about how a business moves up the ranks of Google or shows up more on social media. The answer for both Is actually the same…to show up more on Facebook and Google. True, I have […]

What’s Your Secret Sauce?

As Fall approaches and wonderful smells of fire pits and baking start to fill the air it brings to life images and taste memories of all sorts of food. For Barbecueing and smoking meats just as with turkey and dressing later on, everyone has their special recipes. Many chefs or grillers have their own “secret […]