Write Your Story and Be The News

I was in a conversation with a potential prospect today who asked me about how a business moves up the ranks of Google or shows up more on social media. The answer for both Is actually the same…to show up more on Facebook and Google. True, I have lots of tools to make this happen but the best way by far to naturally “ride the system” is to create activity by creating posts. Tagging, liking, interacting, and yes, writing are all excellent ways to show up in someone’s feed. For those on LinkedIn for example, it seems to encourage you to post things. This is because so few people do. Less than 5% of the user community generates nearly 100% of the content so it’s your time to shine.

It’s true, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, doing research and putting thought into a well written post is preferred. Think about what you would be more likely to read. However, a great supplement and indeed a substitute in some ways is to repost an article or post with your own “take” on it. When doing this you should ALWAYS give credit to the source or provide a direct link (1) because you would want the same and (2) not doing so may violate copyright laws or system policies. If you give proper credit though, reposting articles becomes a great resource to help you seem more active than you may be.

For a business or a person who is working, there is an added benefit to frequent, meaningful posting. Posting or reposting, articles, memes or commentary reveals more of who you are and possibly who your business is. A plumber posting short videos, and who doesn’t watch videos now, about a quick fix for a leaky pipe adds credibility to their brand. Soon people associate you, and your company, with solutions and means of giving back with free or easy things people can do or learn before they need you and larger fixes or services.

In terms of how and what to post, consistency is key. I try to post once per week for example which is on the low side but for now it’s what I can handle consistently. Other businesses or brands may need to post more often but only do as much as you can manage on a regular basis. For what to post, experts suggest the “5-3-2 rule”. That is, five posts about an industry you participate in (not about your business as such). Then, three posts about you without sounding too “salesy”. These can be wins or reviews or how-to items or announcements but again, not direct pitches. Finally, the two left are about your passions outside of work. This could mean causes you support or articles to raise awareness.

If you are willing to commit, regular posting on social media and Google My Business (if appropriate) can let others know about you and your brand and what makes you tick. They can also open you up to opportunities from customers who find something in common with you. Happy writing…I look forward to reading what you have.

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