The Like Switch

The Like Switch is a book by Dr. Jack Schafer and Dr. Marvin Karlins teaching you skills to win people over and increase your likeability

Feeding It Forward

Sioux City Iowa’s Brightside Cafe offers a Feed it forward program buying meals for homeless, what does your business do?

Customer Service Matters

Our customer service team found this article on what customers expect from good customer service and your business would benefit

Bucket Business Process

To truly start mapping your business process means starting with categories of every aspect of your small or large business

Your Best Vision & Mission

Many companies struggle with simple statements, the vision and mission. Here is a great explanation in its simplicity of what they should be

Oversold on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking and sales tool being hijacked by quick pitches and off-putting sales tactics. Here’s how to get it back.

The New Potential of Twitter?

Elon Musk buying Twitter seems to have the potential for social media to do what it originally was supposed to do and we should notice

Community Participation Award?

We take time out to discuss the benefits of getting involved in community associations, projects, online groups and more for prospecting